Information Technology, Office Technology & Medical Billing Experts

Rick Moore
Rick Moore

Need an expert IT Consultant to speed up your network, integrate all your devices and protect your data?

I can offer you a FREE 2-Hour On-Site Evaluation and Support Visit. During this visit, I will diagnose any problems and offer you the best solution for your business. Plus I will tell you how to:

  • speed up your network
  • integrate all your mobile phones, tablets, computers, printers
  • keep all your software and patches up-to-date
  • secure your wifi and data
  • protect your office from hackers, viruses and trojans
  • be confident your data is backed up and can be recovered remotely
  • ensure you are 100% complaint with the latest privacy, security, WISP & HIPAA rules & regulations
  • save money by using cloud services

Donna Ardizzoni
Donna Ardizzoni

Are your CPT codes up-to-date? Are you behind on medical billing? Do you collect all your insurance claims?

Since 1999, I've been providing expert medical billing services that help medical offices collect the highest possible claims—especially from problem insurance companies who try do deny claims. I can help you.

  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Transcription
  • Keep your CPT Codes up-to-date
  • Collect problem insurance claims
  • Microsoft Office and QuickBooks setup & training

Let me handle your medical billing and office needs so you can focus on your patients.